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Greg Perrow

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Hi! I’m Greg Perrow, Los Angeles based photographer and videographer. Photo and video became a passion of mine after purchasing my first camera to perform actor self tapes at home.


My passion grew quickly as I started capturing and sharing my adventures with friends and family. Some of my favourite memories include four wheeling around the island of Mykonos, Greece, sailing the Caribbean, and snowboarding with my friends in Tahoe. What started as a passion, shooting and filming myself and friends, quickly turned itself into a business. I spent many long nights learning as much as I could about photo and video through books, online courses, and mentors.


As an Actor myself, I understand what it feels like to be in front of the camera. My priority is to create a comfortable and fun environment while helping and directing my clients. Whether you have been in front of a camera your whole life, or are terrified at the very thought of taking photos, I make it my goal to ensure that you have a great time and get amazing results! 


I’m grateful that my passion for this business has given me the flexibility to travel, connect with others, and pursue my dreams. I look forward to connecting with you, sharing stories, and capturing YOUR moments!

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